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2017 Sep 09 15:26:12
rohoullah heydaraliha
I mentioned in the previous post. I can not read and write English. And with Google Translator, I do this. And if you have any issues with me, I apologize to you. Thanks again to all of you
2017 Sep 09 15:23:41
rohoullah heydaraliha
Hello By reading the posts of others, I realized that you are a successful person and you are showing a solution to others. And just like a good manager of sponsoring members, because of the growth and success of the members, the sponsor grows up. I hope we will succeed alongside you. Thanks.
2012 Oct 25 18:02:33
To all, if your posting links on my board, without asking, its what normal business people call Spamming, and what people is interested to join a spammer? Well not I join people that have respect and follow up people.
2012 Sep 08 21:34:29
Thanks Sig for your great advice. Its really nice that even when You are doing so well with your campaigns, you still have time to help us noobies out. All the best. Simon
2012 Sep 05 20:50:11
Helena Kling
Thanks for the advice ... Successful elimination
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2013 May 28 20:01:25
nice page friend
2012 Jul 27 21:53:06
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