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If you want mail sent from a mailer site that allows you to send free mail more than once a week then this could be for you. The more you sign in and the more mails you read the higher your score goes up and this gives you more credits to send more mails. A real winner!
Here is my own website. I was building it as a project and it was not going to advertise surfing PTC or anything like that, it was just gonna be a general all rounder with free Flash games (which it has)Free wall papers yada yada yada, After delving into the whole making money online thing Ive changed my mind. In the coming weeks spj-studios will explode with everything to do with all the fantastic ways to earn on the net (as well as free games and wall papers). So If my site does not look much- it will do and I cant wait. Happy Bweeling
60% is paid out to members for reading emails 10% goes to the Revenue Sharing Pool 10% goes to the Retirement Pool 10% goes out as bonuses for referrals 10% goes 5% for operations and 5% profits
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Read Emails for credits. Just 1 upgraded referral and you break even! From your third upgraded referral on forward, you are in PURE PROFIT! Your second sale is passed up to your sponsor. He or she will earn up to 12 levels deep from the sale passed up by you. You will earn 100% commissions - through 12 Levels Deep! Each higher level costs less than the commissions from 2 paid referrals (less the passed up referral) - Leaving You MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET! EVERY referral you sponsor will then pass up his or her second sale to YOU - generating a massive cash 12 Level Powerline!
Its unlikely that you are not a member of this site as it is one of the best Paid to click sites on the net. If you are not a member dive in and see why it really is that amazing.
I am feeling Happy Today and I would like to.....
Its fresh, Its new. Why not Jump on-board and enjoy their generous ads pack and start using this website to make your brand even stronger. Catch it before it catches on.
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2012 Sep 09 12:52:01
Sondra Carpenter
Hi Simon, thanks for the offer to connect and do a trade. Just joined viralmailprofits, my user name is: sondrac1. Let me know if you have any questions about services on my page.
2012 Sep 06 19:58:11
Simone, some nice bradning you got here. And Did see you signed up for Wealth4all, there you got a smart thing, its awsome. Keep up the good work PS! I would delete Spam like this Vitalii Rusan is posting all over Bweeble, doesnt look good when people come visit from outside. Respect
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