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2012 Oct 16 09:07:00
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2012 Sep 05 19:40:33
Vitalii Rusan i see all over your messages as a marketer I only see spam all the way from this perosn, recommand you delete it from your wall. So others that visit you not get confused of his Stupid way of markting spam all our profiles. Your got a nice program running tere. Wish you success.
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2013 Aug 09 16:11:41
fran Roe
would like to know if this works franroe@yahoo.com
2012 Sep 14 00:30:56
Lalsangliana Pachuau
Good to hear such a big offer. I hope it worked out fine
2012 Sep 04 08:47:09
Paul Nulty
Excellent! I like how you have put your pic on there! ;-) Another Bweeb!
2012 Sep 03 18:19:45
Michael Hayes
well done!
2012 Sep 02 15:38:51
Paul Nulty
Looks nice, but you know what would be better a pic of you with your name on that splash page!